RSS is no longer fit for purpose

It’s time to admit that podcast infrastructure needs a ground-up redesign

IWD should remind the podcast industry to support women from underrepresented backgrounds

PodPod asks women in podcasting to share what they want to see from the industry moving forward

In defence of live recordings

Live podcasts are here to stay - so you may as well embrace them

When is an editor not an editor?

Job titles can be tricky things – especially when their ambiguity causes confusion

The art of knowing when to re-record

Sometimes you just have to accept defeat and head back to the studio

Don’t wait for advertisers to come to you

Podcasters who want to monetise their content need to be more proactive about seeking partnerships

There’s no such thing as a stupid question in podcasting

If we want to secure the podcast talent pipeline, we need to get better at education

Media lay-offs could be a silver lining for the podcast industry

Journalists make fantastic podcasters, and now’s the time to snap them up

The power of sonic storytelling

Podcasters need to look beyond words to find new ways of delivering compelling experiences

Does ITV’s Partygate podcast prove the party’s over for broadcast news?

Established publishers are now breaking stories via podcasts - and that’s good news for everyone

How the podcast industry can weather the coming recession

There may be turbulent times ahead, but it’s not all doom and gloom for podcasts

Why aren’t there more podcast phone-ins?

With talk radio still hugely popular, its absence from the digital airwaves is baffling

Podcasts are more than an advertising opportunity - they’re brands in themselves

There’s much for marketers to get excited about - if they approach the industry on its own terms

Please don’t make me download TikTok

As much as I'd like to resist it, the short-form sensation is becoming too significant to ignore

Why I’m letting go of podcast guilt

Sometimes all you want is the audio equivalent of a Big Mac

Guest who? Keeping track of who's coming on your podcast

How tech tools can take the trauma out of managing podcast guests

A pod by any other name

Mastering the art of creative searchability

Will AI be the voice of the future?

Why artificial podcasters probably won’t be taking our jobs any time soon

Most podcasts have small audiences - and that’s OK

Why the industry needs to stop obsessing over download metrics

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