On Air with Adam Shepherd

It’s time for PodPod to hand the torch to Campaign

Moving PodPod into sister brand Campaign reflects how the audio industry itself is evolving

My bizarre discovery of Joe Rogan’s 90s sitcom

Dave Foley, Phil Hartman and… Joe Rogan?

Mics don’t matter

Forget the tech - it’s the concept that counts

Putting the fun into funnels

The truth about podcasting’s place in the customer journey

Podcasts need Netflix-style previews

I don’t need a trailer - just drop me in the middle of a conversation

The Post Office scandal shows podcasting still comes second to TV

Mr Bates vs The Post Office isn’t a new story

Descript needs to sort out its software updates

It’s a marvellous tool, but endless patches are trying my patience

The podcaster’s Christmas wish list

An open letter to Santa Claus

Why Spotify (probably) cancelled heavyweight

Axing the much-beloved show is unfortunate - but it’s not a surprise

The Podcast Growth Summit shows experimentation is the name of the game

Don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines when it comes to growing your show

Light, camera, inaction: Resisting the lure of video podcasts

Video is a hot trend, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should be doing it

The Escapist’s implosion shows that creators have the power

Calandra and his colleagues have rightly recognised that it’s the voice that matters

Why should actual-play podcasts stop at DnD?

Wizards Of The Coast doesn’t have a monopoly on podcast-friendly game formats

Adland is still sleeping on podcasting

Podcasts are still a footnote on many media plans, but there’s hope on the horizon

Don’t overlook the different types of podcast listener

Looking beyond demographics can yield valuable insights

How do you define a podcast?

As technology evolves, the boundaries have become blurred

The British Podcast Awards ceremony shows podcasting is all grown up

Podcasting deserves its own version of the Emmys

Are micropayments the future of podcasting?

Audiences need more flexibility in how they consume content

Video podcasting is harder than you think

Don’t be fooled by social media appearances - the learning curve is steep

Don’t fall victim to the tyranny of SEO

Heed my warning - for those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it

Podcasting needs to be realistic about its place in the media hierarchy

It’s a bitter pill, but not everyone loves podcasts as much as us

Why aren’t there more podcasters on TV?

Podcast hosts have more to offer TV producers than just IP

Why I finally said ‘I do’ to my first podcast subscription

A wedding speech was the push I needed to finally pay for a podcast

The writer's strike is a golden opportunity for podcast producers

With TV and film work halted, a lot of world-class talent may be up for grabs

Why is launching a subscription programme so scary?

Paid membership can be a goldmine for podcasters, but it’s a daunting prospect

The sincerest form of flattery

Inspiration and imitation in the world of podcasting

I’m sick of not having ads in my podcasts

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I need to hear more commercials

Has podcasting jumped the shark?

Why Brian Butterfield's single-episode show might be a postmodern masterpiece

Help, I think I'm addicted to planning podcasts

I’m continually tormented by half-baked ideas for new shows

How not to do an ad read

Even when lazily executed, podcast advertising is still impactful

What I learned at The Podcast Show 2023

Podcasts are becoming more than just an audio delivery channel

Following the philosophy of the three Fs

These simple tweaks can do wonders to improve remote recordings

IP Freely: Can branding carry a podcast?

Pod Save The UK is an interesting test case for podcast franchise-building

Winning awards can boost your podcast as well as your ego

Picking up a gong of our own has redoubled my enthusiasm for the BPAs

It’s time to stop lumping podcasts in with other audio formats

Podcasting deserves respect - and its own budget line

A love-hate relationship with remote recording

It’s a fantastic tool - but it’s easy to become overreliant on

Podcasts did not kill the radio star - and nor should they

I was wrong about radio, and about its relationship to podcasting

Where are all the podcast panel shows?

The fan-favourite radio format has been sadly neglected by the podcast industry

A fair price for podcasting

Paid podcasts may be the outliers, but there’s nothing wrong with them

RSS is no longer fit for purpose

It’s time to admit that podcast infrastructure needs a ground-up redesign

In defence of live recordings

Live podcasts are here to stay - so you may as well embrace them

When is an editor not an editor?

Job titles can be tricky things – especially when their ambiguity causes confusion

The art of knowing when to re-record

Sometimes you just have to accept defeat and head back to the studio

Don’t wait for advertisers to come to you

Podcasters who want to monetise their content need to be more proactive about seeking partnerships

There’s no such thing as a stupid question in podcasting

If we want to secure the podcast talent pipeline, we need to get better at education

Media lay-offs could be a silver lining for the podcast industry

Journalists make fantastic podcasters, and now’s the time to snap them up

The power of sonic storytelling

Podcasters need to look beyond words to find new ways of delivering compelling experiences

Does ITV’s Partygate podcast prove the party’s over for broadcast news?

Established publishers are now breaking stories via podcasts - and that’s good news for everyone

How the podcast industry can weather the coming recession

There may be turbulent times ahead, but it’s not all doom and gloom for podcasts

Podcasting with purpose

Creating a successful show is all about finding your north star

Why aren’t there more podcast phone-ins?

With talk radio still hugely popular, its absence from the digital airwaves is baffling

Please don’t make me download TikTok

As much as I'd like to resist it, the short-form sensation is becoming too significant to ignore

Why I’m letting go of podcast guilt

Sometimes all you want is the audio equivalent of a Big Mac

Guest who? Keeping track of who's coming on your podcast

How tech tools can take the trauma out of managing podcast guests

A pod by any other name

Mastering the art of creative searchability

Will AI be the voice of the future?

Why artificial podcasters probably won’t be taking our jobs any time soon

Most podcasts have small audiences - and that’s OK

Why the industry needs to stop obsessing over download metrics

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