Ireland is famous for its chat. Whether it's centuries-old folk tales and mythology or a bit of banter in the pub, there's nothing that Irish people love more than a good bit of craic. Little wonder, then, that podcasting has quickly become such a staple of the Irish media landscape. The podcast scene in Ireland is booming at the moment, spurred by a thriving independent scene as well as investment from a number of major players. 

The Irish Podcast Awards, now back for the second year, are here to celebrate the phenomenal talent and success of the hardworking podcasters that make up the Irish podcast industry, spotlighting the fantastic work being done by the creators within it. PodPod is thrilled to support the Irish Podcast Awards, and would like to thank the judges for all their hard work in helping determine this year’s winners, as well as to all our shortlisted finalists, and everyone who submitted an entry.

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