The podcast industry is growing rapidly, and it’s becoming a significant media force, but at the end of the day, it’s powered by people. Ultimately, it’s the genuine moments of human connection and storytelling that draw people into podcasts and keep them coming back week in, week out. At PodPod, our mission is to celebrate and empower the people that make podcasting the rich, vibrant and rewarding sector that it is - whether they’re crafting thoughtful, engaging content, or working with networks and advertisers to help accelerate innovation and achieve business goals. 

That’s why we created the Faces To Watch programme - an annual initiative that celebrates those up-and-coming individuals that are already making a real difference in the podcasting industry and are sure to have an even bigger impact as their careers develop. Our first Faces To Watch cohort includes thirty rising stars who have all demonstrated their skills and initiative after being in the UK podcasting space for less than five years. You’ll find podcasters, producers, partnership executives and account managers on this list - all of whom have earned their place as one of PodPod’s Faces To Watch 2023.

PodPod’s Faces To Watch is proof the industry has a bright future

This swathe of talent is a showcase of excellence from across the podcast sector


Zak Addae-Kodua and Jules Rowan

Podcast presenters, Prison Radio Association

Bridey Addison-Child

Freelance producer

Hannah Ajala

Freelance podcast presenter and producer, BBC World Service

Georgia Arundell

Producer, Listen

Talia Augustidis

Producer, Broccoli Productions


Ewan Cameron

Freelance producer

Christie Cremin

Head of finance, Crowd Network


Poppy Damon

Producer, Blanchard House

Alisha Dandridge

Head of marketing, Mags Creative

Bea Duncan

Senior producer, Broccoli Productions


Mae-Li Evans

Freelance producer


Lyndsay Fenner

Producer, Mighty Bunny Ltd


Megan Hayward

Producer and editor, editaudio

Liam Heffernan

Production manager, Auddy


Dan Jackson

Head of production and executive producer of vodcasts, Reduced Listening

Seren Jones

Podcast presenter and producer, Blanchard House

Chanté Joseph

Freelance podcast presenter, The Guardian

Madame Joyce

Podcast presenter


Damian Kerlin

Freelance podcast presenter and producer


Nicole Logan

Head of development, Reduced Listening


Mathilda Mallinson and Helena Wadia

Podcast producer and presenters, Media Storm


Charlotte Newing

Head of commercial, Mags Creative


Aoife O'Brien

Podcast presenter, Happier at Work

Dapo Olowu

Key account manager, Acast


Matthew Rouse

Podcast lead, Octave Audio

James Rowe

Head of talkSPORT Fan Network, News UK


Alice Sandelson

Commercial director of audio, Tortoise Media

Daniela Hornskov Sun

Podcast presenter and producer, THIIIRD Waves


Bobby Temps

Freelance podcast presenter


Flora Woodhouse

Podcast partnership manager, Global