Ever since the British Podcast Awards were first started in 2017, the event has been a highlight of the industry’s calendar. It’s all about celebrating the success of the medium, and elevating the creators within it to a wider stage. As well as being the biggest party in podcasting, the British Podcast Awards are about showcasing the depth and maturity of the sector, and demonstrating that podcasting offers something for everyone.

This year’s awards are bigger and better than ever before, with a huge number of talented winners across a vast number of categories. The podcast industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, and this growth has been matched by a corresponding increase in the quality, thoughtfulness and sophistication of the work being produced. PodPod is delighted to support the British Podcast Awards, and we’d like to thank all our judges for their help in bringing this year’s awards together, as well as all our talented winners and everyone who submitted a nomination. Below, you’ll find a list of the winners in each category, and we look forward to seeing how these podcasts grow and develop in the future.

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