Alan Martin

Freelance contributor

Alan Martin is a freelance writer specialising in technology and internet culture, with bylines at The i, The Evening Standard, ShortList, TechRadar and many more. Before that he had various staff positions on editorial websites including Senior Editor, News Editor, Science Editor and Deputy Editor.

He's been listening to podcasts since the days when they were widely viewed as a fad that would never catch on, with a particular fondness for shows exploring the fascinating worlds of politics and internet culture. Favourites include This American Life, Reply All, The Political Party, Full Disclosure and The Twilight Zone Podcast. Over the years, he's contributed to a couple too, including PC Pro and the Evening Standard Tech podcast.

Based in South London, outside of writing, he's into running, Derby County FC, politics, his cats, theatre and trying to get to the bottom of his ever expanding games backlog. Not necessarily in that order.

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