Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

Podcasts celebrating the art of film and music

One of the beauties of the podcasting world is the fact that hosts and producers can go super in-depth on topics they love, knowing that there will be a community of people who will listen to them because of their shared interests. Two of this week’s freshly dropped podcasts prove so by highlighting the art of film and Hollywood, with conversations from the late Peter Bogdanovich and the return of Paul McCartney’s podcast talking about his music career. 

This week, as always, we’ve put together a list of recommendations from experts across the industry which highlight what inspires them in their own careers and impacts them in their personal lives. 

What’s in the industry’s ears? 

Becky Lamb-Pritchard - Head of marketing, This Is Distorted

I absolutely love Disabled and Proud with Brooke Millhouse. Brooke is a top adaptive athlete who is bringing listeners a different perspective on disability. The podcast aims to play a part in reclaiming the word disability – turning it from inadequacy to perfection. As a mum of a little boy with a muscle weakening condition, and a lot to learn, I have found this podcast positive and invaluable.

Alice Pukhova - Creative researcher, WMH&I

The Silt Verses is a weird-horror audio drama set in a world where every concept, natural phenomenon, and even brand is governed by a deity – some of which are more maleficent than others. The writing in the podcast, from its criticism of widespread commodification to its engrossing body horror, is truly unique and leaves a lasting impression.

Mark Kelly - Creative Director, tms 

As a film fan, I can’t recommend Script Apart enough (to film fans obviously) but on a wider level, creatives in general – particularly writers. Each episode pulls apart the draft script and process that went into the writing of recent/current indie and box-office smashes. Solid, thoughtful and insightful interviews that always reveal some genuine nugget of wisdom I can use in my own creative process. 10/10.

Katy Wright - CEO, FCB London 

I started to listen to Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO (before I was a CEO) and it’s now become a regular go-to. Bartlett is a brilliant interviewer and, to his credit, he’s shone a light on subjects where he freely admits he might have no knowledge – eg menstrual cycles, menopause – always coming at it from a perspective of him understanding those women in his life. I generally can say my work, life and health have all benefited. Highly recommend. If you are curious, then listen in!

Fiona Fraser - Founder and director, PowPR

I like listening to Making Money Online with Lisa Johnson because it helps me with ideas with my Podcast PR agency. Also there are lots of ideas in there to help independent podcasters who could start making money from their podcasts through selling products, events, courses. Lisa is super down-to-earth and practical with her advice that you can action, and I enjoy the short format so I can listen while I am working and feel like I have learned something.

Freshly Dropped

Elis & John 

BBC Radio 5 Live’s hit radio show and podcast series Elis & John is back for a new season, now releasing two episodes weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. The new series promises to have double the content and even more features for listeners than it originally had, including personal anecdotes and special guest interviews. First episode launched on Tuesday this week. 

One Handshake Away

Late Hollywood director Peter Bogdanovich’s podcast One Handshake Away has finally launched, two years after his death and when the podcast first started recording. The series, produced by Audacy and Stak, is a “love-letter to film” featuring never-before-heard conversations between Bogdanovich and fellow legendary Hollywood filmmakers. 

Jack Whitehall’s Safe Space

Jack Whitehall’s Safe Space, a podcast in which the comedian and actor shares his most embarrassing stories with fellow friends and celebrities, is back for series three exclusively on Audible. The new season features a number of interviews with special guests including Nick Grimshaw, London Hughes, Sara Pascoe and more.

The Offside Rule 

Award-winning sports podcast series The Offside Rule is back for its latest series with a new co-presenter - former footballer, pundit and Liverpool FC ambassador Natasha Dowie - who joins sports presenter and voiceover artist Lynsey Hooper. The new series, which launched on 6 February, aims to cover the full pyramid of women's football with a specific focus on “players and clubs away from the top tier”. 

McCartney: A Life in Lyrics

Pushkin Industries and iHeartMedia's hit music podcast series McCartney: A Life in Lyrics returned for its second season this week on Wednesday. In the first two episodes, Paul McCartney and poet Paul Muldoon discuss the early days of The Beatles, including the band’s debut single Love Me Do, and McCartney’s experience in the industry after the band broke up.