Elis James and John Robins launch revamped podcast on BBC Sounds

New series will release two episodes weekly on the platform

Award-winning comedians and podcasters Elis James and John Robins have launched a revamped version of their podcast on BBC Sounds, according to a new announcement from the broadcasting corporation. 

The new series of the Elis & John podcast, which aired on Tuesday this week, promises to deliver brand-new features and more content than the original BBC Radio 5 Live radio show, including personal anecdotes, pop culture references and special guests. The new episodes will also be recorded at a “fresh new studio” as part of the podcast’s new look. 

New episodes of the podcast will be releasing every Tuesday and Friday afternoon on the BBC Sounds platform, which is double the episodes it used to previously release, and will also be airing on Friday afternoons on BBC Radio 5 Live from 1pm to 2pm so radio listeners don’t miss out on their content. 

“John is one of the world’s great polymaths, and when a mind like his is set free into the world of digital content, it evolves at around a billion times faster than technology can keep pace with,” said James. “And that’s why our show has to evolve too. We’re so excited to spearhead a campaign for a fully digital Britain by 2032.”

The podcast is produced by independent production company Audio Always, which works on a number of other hit podcasts with the BBC including James and Robins’ companion mental-health podcast How Do You Cope?, Different with Nicky Campbell on BBC Radio 5 Live, Elon Musk vs Twitter on BBC Radio 4, and more. 

Elis & John originally launched as a weekly radio show on BBC Radio 5 Live and released highlights of the show as a podcast on BBC Sounds every Friday. The series won the Gold title for Best Entertainment Podcast at last year’s British Podcast Awards. According to Robins, the new revamped version of the podcast creates “a digital bridge between BBC Sounds and Radio 5 Live”. 

“Somehow we've created a bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, live and pre-recorded podcast,” said Robins. “We are excited to be a part of the BBC of tomorrow.

“BBC Sounds is the most exciting platform to emerge in the audio realm since the in-ear headphone. And 5 Live? Well, it’s Livesey, it’s Munchetty, It’s Chiles. It’s the voice of the UK. It’s a match made in heaven.”

In June last year, James exclusively revealed to PodPod in an interview on the podcast that he was launching a new independent history podcast titled Oh, What A Time with Chris Scull, presenter and co-host of 90s football podcast Quickly Kevin, Will He Score?, and comedy writer Tom Craine, who has written for one of the TV shows he co-hosts, Fantasy Football League.