Spotify for Podcasters integrates Riverside’s recording and editing features into its platform

Additional tools include transcript-based editing and layout customisation

Spotify for Podcasters has launched new tools and features across its all-in-one podcast platform from Riverside, as part of its continued partnership with the online recording and editing studio. 

Riverside first partnered with Spotify in 2022 to help content creators produce professional-quality video podcasts by directly connecting them to its platform where they can record, edit and publish their videos. The partnership was initially with Spotify’s podcast platform Anchor, which officially became a part of Spotify for Podcasters in March last year. 

As part of its new partnership expansion, Riverside has been integrated directly with the Spotify for Podcasters platform so creators can now record, edit and publish their audio and video podcasts without leaving their browsers. Once a user clicks the option to create a new episode, they’ll be asked to log in to Riverside using their Spotify account, which will then grant them access to its editing and recording tools. 

A Spotify spokesperson also told PodPod that Spotify users will get unlimited single-track recording, same as the experience that is provided on Spotify for Podcasters.

Other features from Riverside that can be accessed on the Spotify for Podcasters platform include access to a transcript-based editing tool, options to change the layout for video episodes, captions for videos, and magic tools which can remove background noise. Once a user is happy with their episode, they can go back to Spotify and finalise the episode details before publishing it. 

‍”We’re continually listening, learning, and iterating – all with the aim of making a greater impact on you and your show,” the announcement post stated. “Whether you’re an established podcaster or just starting out, we’re focused on building the platform you need to find success.

“Keep an eye out for more tools and integrations from us that make it easier for you to be discovered, connect with your biggest fans, and make a living off your craft.”

Starting in June, Spotify for Podcasters will also be discontinuing its web and mobile native creation tools including recording and editing as well as its ‘Music + Talk’ format, which was an experimental feature that the platform launched to include full licensed music tracks in podcast episodes. The new strategy is part of Spotify’s aim to “better optimise the needs of creators” and shift its attention to the “next generation of podcast innovations”. 

In October last year, Spotify for Podcasters started rolling out new monetisation, discoverability and tracking tools for creators globally, including access to customisation tools like the ability to select a specific episode to highlight as the ‘best place to start’ for new listeners, promote content that is subscriber-only, gain access to impression analytics, and more.