Betches Media launches new political comedy podcast

Show will be fronted by TikTok creator Vitus "V" Spehar

Female-focused digital content company Betches Media is set to launch a new political comedy podcast series, the company has announced, fronted by the popular TikTok star behind UnderTheDeskNews.

Vitus "V" Spehar, who first rose to prominence through videos about the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, has three million followers and over 175 million likes, with videos on a range of political and current affairs topics. 

The podcast, titled American Fever Dream, will be co-hosted by Spehar and Betches’ news director Amanda Duberman, and will aim to provide listeners with insight into the most important events in politics and pop culture through a positive lens, minimising negativity and guiding listeners towards ways they can participate in civic affairs.

This approach is geared towards Betches Media’s millennial and Gen Z target audience, which studies have shown is increasingly frustrated with the tone and subjects of mainstream news coverage, as well as increasingly concerned about the impact of a depressing media landscape on their mental health.

The podcast will form part of Betches’ news and activism vertical, and represents its latest expansion into the world of podcasting. The company launched two new podcasts towards the end of last year, including Baby Steps, a fertility-focused spinoff of its series Oversharing in partnership with Betterhelp, and entertainment podcast Pop Crime, hosted by Kiki Monique.

Podcasts have proved to be a popular way to target Gen Z audiences, particularly for content such as news. Persephonica, the production company behind The News Agents, partnered with Gen Z media company The News Movement last year to release Noted - a news podcast targeting younger listeners.

American Fever Dream will debut on Tuesday 13 February across all major podcast platforms.