Steve Lamacq co-hosts new podcast on music finance

Industry show comes from the creators of The Price Of Football

BBC radio DJ Steve Lamacq is set to host a new podcast looking at the role of money within the music industry, it has been announced, aiming to deliver insights into the sector’s inner workings.

The Price Of Music will be a weekly podcast investigating the financial side of music industry news, including topics like streaming revenues, royalty fees and ticket prices. Lamacq, who has been a longstanding voice on BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music, will be joined by veteran music industry journalist Stuart Dredge, who runs the daily Music Ally Bulletin newsletter.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved with a project which helped to demystify the music industry and how its finances work,” Lamacq said, “and now finally I’ve got my chance. We’ll be examining stuff like how musicians get paid, who earns what from gigs and how money gets shared out from big hits.” 

“I’m hoping it’ll be, not only really revealing and interesting for music fans, but also informative for emerging artists, managers and anyone else who wants to carve out a career in the industry.”

As well as dissecting the latest stories from the music business, the pair will also interview key behind-the-scenes figures from within the sector such as agents, promoters and label owners, as well as the artists creating the music itself.

“There’s going to be so much to talk about every week on The Price of Music,” added Dredge. “We’re in a fascinating moment where the music industry’s revenues are growing strongly, but there are some really important debates about how that money is shared between streaming services, music companies and musicians. Plus, we’ll be getting our teeth into the impact of digital services and new technologies, from Spotify and TikTok to AI and the metaverse. I can’t wait to get started.”

The podcast is created by podcast production company Dap Dip, which is also responsible for The Price Of Football - a podcast taking a similarly forensic look at money in the world of professional football. The show will be produced by the Manchester-based company’s founder Guy Kilty, who previously worked for the BBC on shows including BBC 5 Live’s Wake Up To Money.

“We're delighted to be launching The Price of Music with Steve and Stuart,” Kilty said. “The finances behind the music industry are absolutely fascinating and we know that Steve and Stuart’s collective knowledge and ability to explain this often-complicated subject in straightforward terms will make the show a brilliant listen.” 

“If you're a music lover who wants to know more about what really goes on in the industry, or you're an aspiring musician, manager or label owner who wants some inside knowledge, The Price of Music will give you something of real value every week.”

The Price Of Music is set to launch 31 January across all major platforms.