Jon Evans: Podcasting for marketers

The Uncensored CMO on the brand-building power of podcasts

In a media climate where attention is more important than ever, podcasting’s power as an engagement-heavy lean-in medium is being overlooked by many marketers according to Jon Evans. The host of The Uncensored CMO, Evans has built his podcast on a foundation of brutally honest guidance for advertising executives and brand marketers, and says that podcasts are an underutilised channel for marketers seeking to get their message across.

In this week’s episode, Rhianna Dhillon and Adam Shepherd talk to Evans about how he made the jump from finance to marketing, why podcasts are such a crucial tool for brand-building, and how the podcast industry needs to do a better job at selling itself to marketers, as well as why podcasting should be treated as an influencer medium.

Key takeaways

The power of authenticity in podcasting 

“The reason you might listen to a podcast rather than read an article is that you're going to get to know the person and get to see what's actually going on,” Evans says. “I think podcasting is unique because it's such an authentic media, and it allows you to tell a story that's not been told before, go behind the scenes in a way that you wouldn't do otherwise, and that's where we learn. 

“You don't learn by reading a press release or reading what the company wants to tell you; you learn by finding out what actually happened and that's the point of the interview and getting that out of someone.”

The agency acquisition trend

“I had Nils Leonard on in the summer and then literally two days later, Uncommon got sold to Havas. It was funny. So I had to phone him back up and say, dude, can you come back on the podcast and explain yourself?” 

“You were sat there doing the biggest deal in the world of advertising, and you were chatting to me, shooting the shit about Chelsea football club or how all you do is sell cheese. And then I had Anselmo Ramos from GUT agency. He came on as well. And then a week later, GUT got sold. I'm just like, this is so funny.”

Harnessing AI for podcast advertising

“I think the opportunity with AI, maybe rather than addressing brand safety, could actually be harnessed to actually meet advertisers and podcast platforms together. Imagine a world where, literally, the AI could look back through all the content you created, all the guests, their audience, their points of view, what's been talked about.” 

“And then you could say, I want to communicate to people like this, who've got a point of view of that, who are considering the following, right? You could potentially match up podcast content and advertiser objectives in a way that is just insanely powerful.”


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