PodPod: The best of 2023

The team’s top picks from last year’s interviews

2023 has been a whirlwind year in the podcast industry, and it’s been a jam-packed 12 months for us over at PodPod, too. To kick off the new year, we thought we’d see in 2024 by taking a look back at some of our personal highlights from 2023, with interviews across a wide spectrum of topics. 

In this episode, Rhianna Dhillon, Reem Makari and Adam Shepherd pick their favourite interviews from 2023, including David Law from The Tennis Podcast, Content Is Queen’s Imriel Morgan, and Masala Podcast host Sangeeta Pillai. If you’re new to PodPod, these make an excellent introduction to the show, and we’d encourage you to check out the full interviews, as well as the rest of the back catalogue.

Key takeaways

Lean into your own identity

“I recorded that first episode, and I remember listening to it, and I remember thinking, gosh, I sound so Indian. And then I was like, hang on a minute, Sangeeta, what was that? Because we are picking up these messages all the time. So in my head, there's some conditioning that says to sound Indian is worse than to sound British, you know? 

So I had to check myself as well, because we are products of the world that we live in. So if we're turning on the radio or turning on TV and everybody sounds a specific way and we don't, then there's that [feeling of] oh, am I less than, am I okay, am I allowed to do this? So I had to have a conversation with myself - and I remember doing this very distinctly - to say, yes, I do sound Indian and yes, that's amazing and that's okay. And that's going to be my podcast. I'm going to be exactly who I am.” 

Think outside the box with subscriptions

“We also have other ‘elevated premium’ categories,” says Law; “if people want to have a shout out from us on the show, they pay more. If they want to introduce the show and have their name in the opening credits - and we've got 50 people a year that actually pay for their pet to be our mascot for an episode.”

“That was Katherine's idea and I said, Katherine, that is never going to happen. But sure enough, they sell out every year. We have 50 weekly episodes and 50 people say I want my pet to be your mascot for that episode.”

Keep an eye on your budget

“We got a lot of love and adulation,” Morgan says, “but nothing really translated into pounds and pence in the bank. And so I was just like, I don't want to ever lose that much money again. I guess for transparency purposes, it was like 20 grand, which for a lot of businesses and brands is not a lot, but for us, we were making no money. I was working part time in like a social media job. My partner was working part time in a social media job.”

“Like, we borrowed money from friends and family. So to lose their money plus all of our savings… everything we had went into that company and went into that festival. So to lose it was a huge, huge, huge blow. And I was like, I can't do that again.”


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