Simplecast adds YouTube integration for automatic uploads

Automatic footers and web player analytics also come to the platform

Podcast hosting service Simplecast has added a range of new features, the company has announced, including tools for YouTube uploading, faster episode notes and more robust analytics.

Part of the new feature release is an integration with YouTube, based on recent improvements to the video platform’s ability to import podcasts from RSS feeds and automatically transcode them to a video file with a static image. It allows new podcast episodes to be automatically uploaded to YouTube, maintaining metadata such as the title, description and release date. 

The integration can be enabled in users’ Simplecast account pages, but the company warned that podcasters should bear in mind some caveats; for instance, podcast monetisation such as sponsorships or host-read advertisements should be declared in accordance with YouTube’s guidelines, and the platform does not support dynamically-inserted ads. Updates to episode artwork or audio files also won’t be automatically carried over to a YouTube video once uploaded, and must be manually changed in YouTube’s back-end dashboard.

The company has also announced a new feature allowing footers to be added to episode notes. This capability lets podcasts automatically add the same text - such as production credits and social media links - to the description of every episode without having to manually copy and paste them every time. Footers can be added or changed in a podcast’s show settings page within Simplecast.

Finally, the platform has added analytics from embeddable web players into the show comparison section of its audience analytics dashboard for multi-show podcast networks. This allows networks to more easily compare shows across their portfolio, as well as access richer data from web players suich as streaming count and playback speed.

Simplecast is owned by broadcasting giant SiriusXM, which also owns and operates audio adtech company AdsWizz. The company has been making significant expansions in the podcast space this year, including launching a number of adtech partnerships and signing an exclusive podcast deal with TV host James Corden.