Off Air with Jane and Fi passes 10 million listens

Podcast celebrates milestone after just over a year

Fi Glover and Jane Garvey’s Off Air podcast has passed 10 million listens, parent company Times Radio has announced, just over a year after it was launched.

The podcast was launched in October 2022 as a companion piece to the pair’s daily news show on Times Radio, and has spoken to guests including Lorraine Kelly, Clare Balding and Eddie Izzard.

“Congratulations to Jane and Fi,” said Times Radio programme director Tim Levell. “10 millions listens is an incredible achievement. I know first-hand how well-loved their podcast is: my wife goes around the house listening to it on her phone speakers - preferring their company to mine! They are witty and clever, and the podcast is a daily audio treat.”

The veteran journalists left long-established careers at the BBC to join Times Radio last year, marking one of the earliest examples of high-profile broadcast talent to leave the corporation in favour of private-sector podcasting. 

Others that have followed their example include Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis, who left the BBC to join The News Agents under Global, and Ken Bruce, who moved from the BBC to Bauer’s Greatest Hits Radio.

“It’s a remarkable feat,” Glover said; “I’m pretty sure a lot of our listeners are just like us - trying to find time to simply breathe in a busy frantic world so I’d like to personally thank them for adding us to their long lists of things to do. And I’d like to thank those living in far flung exotic beach side locations personally. Have a firm swimsuit packed and ready.”

“Thanks for being there! It’s always such a pleasure to read your emails and know that we’re all part of something daft, meandering, but supportive,”Garvey added. “It’s a global podcast community!”