Podimo introduces Wrapped-style roundup

Users listened to 20 hours of spoken word audio per month, according to the new data

Podcast listening platform Podimo has introduced a new feature that gives users an overview of their listening habits throughout the year, the company has announced, along with releasing wider data on general consumption trends across its platform.

The feature - dubbed Podimo Reflect - is strongly reminiscent of Spotify’s annual Wrapped showcase, which provides Spotify users and creators with insights and statistics into their listening habits, including their top shows and genres, and how much time they spent listening. A number of companies have launched similar roundup features following the success of Wrapped, including Pocket Casts Playback and YouTube Music’s 2023 Recap.

Podimo Reflect is available in six languages, reflecting the various markets that the app currently serves, and users must have engaged with at least 15 hours of audio content on the platform to unlock insights, which include top podcasts and total listening minutes. 

“Reflect stems from the resounding feedback we received after sharing end-of-year user stats through newsletters,” said Christina Urban, Podimo's global director of lifecycle marketing. "We recognized the eagerness shown by our community in sharing and celebrating their listening milestones so we wanted to create an intimate, bespoke experience that not only reflects back on their year, but brings listeners and creators closer together, a core value at Podimo." 

Alongside the launch, Podimo also revealed broader trend data from its users, such as the fact that Personal Stories, Health and Personal Development and True Crime were the most popular genres on the platform, with 84%, 43% and 40% of users listening to them, respectively. 

On average, Podimo users spent 20 hours per month listening to speech audio, spending time with two to three shows. News content has been consistently popular in the Netherlands, with over one-third of listeners engaging with the genre, while True Crime dropped in popularity for listeners in Finland and Norway, falling by 38% between January and August for Finnish users and by 25% between August and October for Norwegians.

The announcement caps off a busy year for Podimo, which has launched a number of new platform features including an AI recommendation tool, expanded into new territories, and partnered with several UK production companies to launch new podcasts.