Adthos turns pictures into audio ads with new AI tool

Brands can apply for a free trial to test the feature

Audio ad sales company Adthos has launched a new AI-powered feature that can automatically create audio ads based on picture prompts. 

Users can upload pictures such as product images, billboard ads or photos of storefronts, with the tool using AI to analyse its content, brands, slogans, target audience, and more to create a brief, which then gets turned into an audio ad with the addition of AI voices, music, and sound effects.

While the AI feature automatically generates the components of the ads, users have the choice to preview the music and select the best option, or allow AI to choose it for them. Companies can also make adjustments to the script to ensure that it is accurate and reflective of their brand.

“Adthos is committed to revolutionising the way audio advertising is produced,” said Adthos CEO Raoul Wedel. “Our new feature is a game-changer, instantly unlocking the potential of audio advertising for anyone that can take a picture.”

The new AI-powered audio ad feature from Adthos is available through the website’s self-service portal, which interested brands can experience by signing up for a free trial. It’s available to businesses of all sizes that want to reach a target audience including start-ups. 

Adthos launched another feature on its self-service platform in April this year that allows creators to submit a short briefing questionnaire through the Adthos portal which then gets generated into an audio ad using AI. At that point, the self-service platform only existed in a beta version and was being tested with select publishers worldwide. 

Adthos also offers a Creative Studio to help creators produce dynamic audio ads with the help of AI. In May, Adthos introduced a new feature on the platform for dynamic video ad creation, with features such as automatically separating the video and speech into two separate tracks to make it easier to edit.