TikTok abandons podcast features

Platform announced it’s “focusing our efforts on other initiatives”

TikTok has officially discontinued its podcasting features, the platform has announced, with the tools no longer accessible from today.

The features allowed podcasters to directly link their RSS feeds to their TikTok accounts and tag specific episodes in videos, which users could then click through to and listen in the background. The company had been testing them in beta since the start of 2023.

The decision to discontinue the tool was confirmed in a message to participants in the beta test, and the company said that while it still sees value in audio, it is currently prioritising other areas.

“We wanted to inform you that later this year, we’ll be discontinuing the current beta test of Podcasts on TikTok,” the announcement read. “The podcast feature will be available until December 15th. At this time, podcast episode content that was uploaded to the platform will be removed from the platform — however, your TikTok videos will remain published. We value our podcast creators and see an immense opportunity in the audio space, but at this time we are focusing our efforts on other initiatives.”

“We regularly experiment with a variety of features on a regular basis to learn from our community and gather insights for platform development. Thank you so much for participating in this beta test and your continued support. We look forward to working together again in the future.”

TikTok has been a substantial focus for many podcasters this year, with a growing number trying to leverage the platform - along with other short-form video channels such as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts - to reach wider audiences. The news also follows YouTube’s rollout of enhanced podcasting features as part of YouTube Music.