Tink Media launches podcast marketing workshops

Podcast Group Therapy aims to make marketing guidance more accessible

Podcast marketing firm Tink Media is launching a new series of workshop sessions designed to provide affordable access to marketing strategies and guidance for independent podcasters, the company has announced.

The programme - dubbed Podcast Group Therapy - is an extension of Tink’s existing Podcast Therapy scheme, which provides one-to-one consultation and guidance to help boost podcast growth. The new programme is designed to make this guidance more accessible, both by providing more spaces for podcasters to be included, and by making the cost more affordable compared to Podcast Therapy sessions, which start from $400 for one hour. The company has not specified how much Podcast Group Therapy will cost.

“Podcast Group Therapy is the most exciting thing Tink has done,” said Lauren Passell, founder of Tink Media. “We've always wanted to open Podcast Therapy up to more people — we think it's a great ROI, but sometimes it isn't within people's budgets… So we thought… what if we welcomed more people into these sessions?”

Each session has a maximum of ten spaces, which the company says is to ensure that they’re still intimate. The first session will take place on 19 January and covers partnership and collaboration, including how to identify aligned shows for trailer swaps, tips for building media lists, and how to use email newsletters to reach out to potential collaborators. Interested parties have until 29 December to register their interest for the session.

Future sessions will cover topics such as how to build a marketing plan for launching a new podcast, how to manage promo swaps, and how to carry out feed swaps.

"These sessions are going to be a ton of fun,” Passell said, “and the amount of insight we can share is bananas."