Captivate launches podcast analytics migration tool

“Industry first” feature allows podcasters to import existing data when moving hosts

Podcast hosting platform Captivate has today announced a new “industry first” feature which allows podcasters to move their existing analytics from another hosting platform into Captivate’s dashboard when joining the service.

The new capability allows podcasters to track their full historical performance from within Captivate’s dashboard. Creators can download a CSV file containing their prior analytics from their previous hosting provider and import it to Captivate during the process of migrating an existing show

This data will then be accessible in a new ‘Legacy Analytics’ tab within the dashboard, with the ability to break it down by listening app, listener location, episode title, or any other segmentation or filtering supported by the previous host. 

The feature provides podcasters with an easier way to ensure continuity of data when switching hosting providers, where previously podcasters were forced to rely on keeping offline copies of prior data in spreadsheet form. Captivate, which is owned by media and broadcast company Global, hopes that the new tool will help podcasters maintain a clearer view of their historical data, making it easier to attract advertisers by demonstrating consistent growth.

“One of the biggest questions from podcasters moving to a new host has always been: ‘Can I import my analytics?’,” explained Captivate managing director Mark Asquith, “and the answer has, across the industry, always been ‘not really’.” 

“I totally understand why a podcaster serious about their growth and passionate about their work would want to see their full data history in one place, to see where they’ve come from and where they are now - I’d want to as well - so it’s been really important for us to get this feature right. To be the first in the industry to accomplish it in a manner this intuitively is massive, and we really expect to see others follow our lead on this.”

The news was met with strong positive reactions from many within the podcast community. 

“I don't say this lightly,” said Neal Veglio, founder of Podknows Podcasting; “Captivate have literally destroyed their competition this morning.”