Ad Results Media and Miro: From host-read to programmatic and back

How Miro’s podcast advertising strategy has evolved over time

Getting into podcast advertising can be daunting for a brand, but this can be made significantly easier with the help of an experienced agency. When software firm Miro partnered with Ad Results Media to leverage podcasting for their marketing needs, its strategy was initially focused more on performance-driven KPIs, but as results started being visible, it expanded towards brand marketing. 

Interestingly, Miro began with a host-read approach, shifted to a programmatic one in order to more accurately measure ROI, and then moved back to host-reads after establishing a more specific focus. This week, Adam Shepherd and Reem Makari are joined by Miro's head of offline and experimental media Brandon Lutz and Ad Results Media's chief revenue officer Teresa Elliott discuss their successes, learnings, and the future prospects of their partnership.

Key takeaways

Support smaller creators

“One of the key goals I have for our team when it comes to podcast advertising is large shows with large reach are great,” said Lutz,” but a lot of our audience are also quite niche, and so a lot of our media buy also consists of quite new shows, or a bit smaller shows, and I like that we have a balance of both.” 

“It feels good that we're able to support creators, especially as they're starting their podcast journey, so to be in those conversations and also be a sponsor of those individuals who are trying to innovate is really, I think, a powerful message that the brand is sending out.”

Get to know your hosts

“Our team has more relationships with the networks and hosts than I've seen anywhere in my history of working across audio,” Elliot said, “which is really impressive. They know many of the hosts from a personal perspective.”

“So they can make recommendations that help us connect brands to those hosts who can speak authentically about the product and about the experience that they've had, because that is also where we find the most success with a host, is when they can really speak authentically and passionately about the product or service that they are representing.”

Think beyond host-reads

“Prior to me getting so involved in the podcasting world, I thought of it as a very binary area. There's a brand, there's an advertiser, and there's a show, and you just pay for spots, right? And what I've come to learn is that there is tremendous value and opportunity in going beyond the host-read sponsorship and even asking ourselves as a brand that conversation of, do we have something compelling to say that maybe warrants us to get into the space?” 

“There's nothing planned yet, but it's still fun to have those conversations with ourselves about innovation and how Miro can be a greater thought leader in that place.”


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