Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

More celebrities joining the podcasting space

This week, Doja Cat and Ice Spice were two of the latest celebrities to try their hand at co-hosting a podcast episode with the launch of Instagram’s first-ever branded podcast series.They’re not going to be on for every episode but Instagram said to expect more celebrities to join the podcast, which people can either choose to listen to or watch on Spotify if they’re interested in hearing what they have to say about the latest topics trending online. 

Besides celebrities hosting podcasts, there’s many more freshly dropped series from this week that explore a wider array of genres from investigative documentary series to deep dives into iconic figures in history that would make for great listening as you wind down over the weekend as well as some more recommendations from our trusted industry experts. 

What’s in the industry’s ears?

Lucy Johnson - Freelance podcast producer, The Girls Bathroom 

A podcast that I listen to without fail is Who? Weekly. If you have a real hankering to know what spon-con a Selling Sunset cast member has landed, or which 90s sitcom star is feuding with a local patisserie, or simply, you just want to know what Rita Ora’s up to, Bobby, Lindsey and their editorial assistant Timmy (collectively known as BLT) will endeavour to find out. 

Kerry Collinge - Associate director of client strategy and planning, System1Group

I have been a fan of Adam Morgan’s work for many years. He wrote Eating The Big Fish, The Pirate Inside, The Beautiful Constraint and Overthrow, which are all about how you should challenge things in life to get to a better place personally, professionally and for business growth. His whole series of Let’s Make This More Interesting has been spellbinding for me…. A series of interviews with people across a range of industries who think differently about how to deliver their work to gain attention and make it more compelling.

Liam Heffernan - Senior podcast producer, 11:FS

One podcast I've been revisiting lately is American Elections: Wicked Game by Lindsay Graham. It's such a comprehensive history of US elections, and the context behind them. Lindsay's style is inimitable, and this series in particular is highly bingeable. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who likes a good history podcast.

Professor Paul Dolan - Host, Get Happier

I’ve really enjoyed listening to The Life Lessons Podcast with Simon Mundie, mainly because of the breadth of personalities interviewed and also how strongly I disagree with some of the views. In the interests of research for my new book, I’m trying to listen more to people I disagree with. 

Teresa Elliott - Chief revenue officer, Ad Results Media

I love Pivot with Kara Swisher and Professor Scott Galloway. I love it because it’s informative about current topics in business and while I don’t agree with everything said in the podcast it pushes boundaries and they bring in wonderful guests as well so it opens my eyes to topics I wouldn’t see on a day to day. 

Freshly Dropped 

Dr. Death 

Wondery’s hit true crime series Dr. Death is back for its fourth season, which tells the story of Serhat Gumrukcu, founder of biotechnology company Enochian, who was charged in 2022 for allegedly plotting the murder of a business associate. The series, titled Dr. Death: Bad Magic, is hosted by award-winning journalist Laura Beil and is out now exclusively for Wondery+ subscribers. 

Amy and T.J. Podcast

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, former Good Morning America anchors who were fired after their affair went public in January this year, have launched a new podcast with iHeartMedia which marks the first time since the couple has spoken publicly about their relationship since their departure from the show. The podcast titled Amy & T.J. released its first episode on 5 December and will continue to release weekly. 


Tenderfoot TV and Campside Media have launched a new investigative documentary podcast series as part of their newly-announced multi-show partnership agreement. The podcast titled Radical tells the story of human rights activist and Muslim leader Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin who was convicted of shooting two sheriff’s deputies in a trial that took place months after the September 11 attack.

Corny: The Last Irishman in the NFL

On Wednesday this week, GoLoud released a four-part documentary series on former American football placekicker Neil O'Donoghue who went from Dublin to the US to play the sport 40 years ago. Produced by Newstalk imaging manager Lochlainn Harte, the podcast titled Corny: The Last Irishman in the NFL has all episodes out now on all major podcast platforms.

Close Friends Only 

Instagram has launched its first branded podcast series on Thursday this week, featuring award-winning artists Doja Cat and Ice Spice as the first celebrity co-hosts. The podcast titled Close Friends Only is created in partnership with Alex Cooper’s Unwell Podcast Network and is available in video format to watch on Spotify as well as to listen to in audio across all major podcast platforms.