Taskmaster’s Lucy Beaumont and Sam Campbell to launch comedy podcast

Plosive-produced podcast to launch in 2024

Lucy Beaumont and Sam Campbell, former Taskmaster contestants and stand–up comedians, are co-hosting a new comedy podcast series launching early next year. 

The podcast, titled Lucy and Sam’s Perfect Brain, is a catch-up between the comedy pair, with both sharing their unique takes on varying topics and “full to the brim with sprawling anecdotes and highly important theorems”. 

It is also an attempt from them to break into the podcasting world despite Beaumont stating that “the market is totally oversaturated” in the teaser of the show. The podcast is hosted on Acast and will be available across all major podcast platforms. 

“Sam has the most unusual brain I’ve ever come across,” said Beaumont. “We have work to do. The country needs us.”

“Lucy is a fountain of wisdom BUT I would never throw a coin at her,” said Campbell. 

The podcast is created by the team at Plosive, the podcast production company behind award-winning comedy podcast Off Menu with James Acaster and Ed Gamble. Award-winning stand up comedian Gamble also hosts the official Taskmaster Podcast, which is a companion series to the Channel 4 reality show.

Plosive also produces the interview series Cuddle Club hosted by fellow former Taskmaster contestant and champion Lou Sanders. Other podcasts from Plosive include the British Podcast Award winning series The Rob Auton Daily Podcast, Nobody Panic with Tessa Coates and Stevie Martin, Northern News with Ian Smith and Amy Gledhill, and more. 

A number of stand-up comedians have launched podcasts recently as a new way to grow their audiences and engage with fans. This includes Russell Howard, who launched his podcast Wonderbox in October this year during the East Coast USA leg of his latest sold-out live tour.