Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

Why it’s important to have really good podcast IP

When you’re able to nail down a catchy and entertaining podcast format that you know listeners will be engaged in, does it not make more sense to continue building content on that rather than creating entirely new work? Goalhanger is an example of a podcast production company that has done that successfully and this week it released its latest addition to The Rest Is… franchise, this time focusing on the exciting world of entertainment. 

This week, we’ve put together a list of podcast recommendations from industry experts as always - some that are winners of this year’s Irish Podcast Awards as well as some of our speakers from the Podcast Growth Summit which took place yesterday - as well as a rundown of all the new launches from this week to listen to over the weekend. 

What’s in the industry’s ears? 

Bobby Temps - Host and creator, Mental Podcast 

My recommendation would be Fad Camp with Conor Dowling and Grace Mulvey. Fresh off a win at the Irish Podcast Awards, this show highlights the ridiculous nature of fad diets in a funny and easy-listening way. Backed by research and great chemistry between the hosts, this show is an empowering battle cry for caring that bit less about appearance in an image-obsessed world.

David Manero - Senior producer, Listen 

My current obsession is Real Survival Stories on BBC Sounds. Gripping true stories of being trapped in a volcano, surviving a plane crash in the desert, or being swallowed by a hippo! Expertly narrated by John Hopkins, with perfect light touch production and sound design, this is one to listen to in headphones so you get fully immersed. It's my favourite Sunday treat!

Andy Gaffney - Host, Promenade

I've been religiously listening to the new season of Heavyweight which returned a few weeks ago. Each episode sees our host Jonathan Goldstein help someone with a problem from their past. The scale and ambition of each episode is breathtaking but the heart at the centre of each episode is why I keep coming back; I don't think I'd be doing what I do now without Heavyweight

Rob Lilley-Jones - Senior audio producer, Which? 

The podcast that I would recommend is Formula for Success. It’s a Formula 1 podcast presented by David Coulthard, former Formula 1 driver, and Eddie Jordan, former team owner. I love it because they provide an insight that you don’t often get to hear about given their two roles in the sport. The era of sports that they were a part of - the 90s and the early 2000s - they were probably getting up to a lot of things that you wouldn’t be able to get up to now, so they have some very entertaining stories. 

Ellie Jay - Head of audio, Digital Frontier

I’ve been listening to Death of a Codebreaker. This BBC podcast looks into the death of Gareth Williams, who was found inside a duffel bag in his own bath ten years ago. It's really captivating; they look into what might have happened, how someone physically might go about locking themselves in a bag and why MI6 were so slow to react to Gareth's disappearance. Dr Sian Williams asks all the questions you might have, the first one being...why has no one made a podcast about this before? 

Freshly Dropped 

The Global Story 

BBC World Service launched a new current affairs podcast on Monday with BBC Studios, deep diving into specific news stories each episode with Katya Adler, BBC Europe editor and host of BBC Radio 4 podcast Understand. The daily news podcast, titled The Global Story, is a spin-off from BBC World Service’s Global News Podcast with deeper analysis and context. 

The Rest is Entertainment 

On Tuesday, Goalhanger launched the latest addition to its ‘The Rest Is…” franchise focused on the latest news and trends from the world of entertainment. The Rest is Entertainment is hosted by pop culture experts - television presenter and author Richard Osman and The Guardian columnist Marina Hyde - who will discuss television, films, books, music, and celebrity gossip each episode. 

The Second Victim: Daisy’s Story

Audible’s latest original podcast series The Second Victim: Daisy’s Story tells the story of how Daisy’s Law - which recognises children born of rape as victims - came to be, from the point of view of Daisy herself. The eight-part series tells the story of how Daisy fought against injustice for her mother and for other children like her. 

Smoke Screen 

Investigative documentary series Smoke Screen by Sony Music Entertainment has returned today for a new season, available currently only to The Binge subscribers. The new series, titled My Fugitive Dad, is hosted by Jonathan Hirsch who works with Ashley Randele to unravel how her dad got away with a robbery that he pulled in Cleveland, and how he later disappeared and evaded the authorities. 

Eight Years Hard Labour 

Tortoise’s latest six-part series Eight Years Hard Labour, which released on Tuesday this week, tells the story of how the Labour Party was run under Jeremy Corbyn and how it changed after Keir Starmer was elected as the new leader. The series is hosted by journalist and Times columnist David Aaronovitch, and includes additional reporting from Tortoise political editor Cat Neilan.