Descript’s new tool uses AI to find shareable podcast moments

Feature helps podcasters quickly create videos for social promo

Podcast and video editing platform Descript has launched a new AI-powered tool which automatically detects the best clips for creators to share on social media, the company has announced. 

The feature, named ‘Find Good Clips’, automatically selects the best excerpts from a podcast episode or video that can be used for promotional purposes. Once the highlighted clip is selected, creators can then add additional features such as captions, music and GIFs using Descript’s social media editing tools. 

“No matter how polished your podcast episodes or videos are, you need to promote them,” Descript said in a blog post. “That means a lot of things, and one of them is posting clips on social media and sometimes you’ve got to plow through a mountain of audio or video to find the best highlights or selects to share or create a final cut.”

“Descript’s Find Good Clips can do all of that for you… You’ll be producing social clips in moments, not hours.” 

The ‘Find Good Clips’ feature is part of Descript’s rollout of new AI tools for creators that the company introduced in October. Other features that Descript recently launched include an AI Script Generator, which can write entire episode scripts based on prompts from creators, an AI Script Rewriter which transforms old drafts and disconnected notes into coherent scripts, and a tool which turns podcast scripts into publication-ready articles and blog posts. 

Descript also launched an AI Actions feature with tools that include a Summarizer which recaps what episodes are about, automatic show notes and YouTube descriptions, an AI social media post writer, an AI chapter generator which can instantly create markers for the episode, and a chatbot tool which can help creators with research and gathering ideas.

The all-in-one editing platform plans to continue releasing new AI tools for creators in the future as part of its plans to make the workflow of users easier, with AI acting as an assistant that can pick up the menial tasks. 

A number of other podcast platforms have started to use AI-powered features which help creators and users, including Podimo which recently announced that it was testing an AI-powered feature called ‘Conversational Search’ that allows users to ask a chatbot for personalised podcast and audiobook recommendations.