Adelicious lands Uber podcast sponsorship for Diary of A CEO

Six-month campaign will be multi-format with Uber sponsoring Bartlett’s TikTok channel

Podcast hosting and monetisation network Adelicious has secured a sponsorship deal between award-winning business podcast Diary of A CEO and transport app Uber, the company has announced. 

The deal was facilitated by Adelicious, which represents the ad sales of Diary of A CEO, and Uber’s media agency EssenceMediaCom. The campaign will run for a six-month period and will promote multiple Uber products, including Uber Eats and the Uber One membership, in an effort to raise the company’s brand awareness. 

“The team, including Steven, uses Uber every day, so this collaboration was the perfect fit for us,” said Diary of A CEO’s director of venture investments and commercial partnerships Danny Gray. “The alignment between our podcast and Uber's goals creates a powerful partnership that we believe will directly resonate with our audience.”

“We are already receiving positive feedback from the first ads that have gone live and are confident this will continue."

As part of the deal, the podcast campaign will highlight the benefits of the brand, starting off with Uber One and the application’s recently introduced train booking capabilities. In addition to running advertisements on the podcast itself, Uber will also sponsor the TikTok account of Steven Bartlett - host of the podcast - which has 1.6 million followers. 

Diary of A CEO is one of the most downloaded podcasts globally, ranking as number one in the UK in Apple Podcasts’ year-end top charts and as number two in Spotify’s UK Wrapped list for 2023. In October this year, Bartlett announced on LinkedIn that he plans to launch a podcast network at the start of next year, building on the success that the podcast has achieved since it launched. 

Adelicious represents the ad sales of premium podcasts including The Socially Distant Sports Bar and Staying Relevant. Other brands that have worked with Adelicious include BetterHelp, Airbnb, Calm, and more, but this is the first time that the company has partnered with Uber. 

“This Uber sponsorship deal speaks to the incredible efforts Steven and his team have done to make The Diary of a CEO a weekly must-listen for so many across the UK,” said Adelicious managing director Andrew Goldsmith. “We're looking forward to working with both the show and Uber to continue to amplify the show’s reach and contribute to the success of Uber's campaign.”