IPAs 2023: Inside the Irish podcast scene

All the insights from the winners, judges and attendees of this year’s Irish Podcast Awards

Ireland is a culture of storytellers, and that’s more than evident in its thriving podcast scene. Irish podcasters have found fame across the world, with millions of listeners tuning in on a weekly basis - but what is it that makes Irish podcasting so special? 

This week, we’re bringing you a special edition of PodPod, recorded onsite by Tinpot Productions at last week’s Irish Podcast Awards in Dublin, including interviews with winners, judges and attendees, giving their insights into the creativity and passion powering Ireland’s podcast scene.

Key takeaways

Anybody can do a podcast as long as they commit 

“We are just two young fellas that grew up in the flats in the northern city of Dublin,” said the hosts of Talking Bollox. “We kind of want people to look and go, them two fucking eejits can do it. Well then anybody can do it. That was always the aim and we're seeing a lot of people setting up podcasts now and I love seeing that.”

“Pursue a career in something that [you] love doing. Try something new, you know what I mean? Businessmen, sports stars, comedians, directors, wherever it may be. It doesn't have to be a podcast.” 

Practise the art of listening 

“Some of my favourite conversations that I have on my own podcast would be ones where I'm not talking much at all,” said Ready to Be Real podcast host, Sile Seoige. “And that's the gift I think a skilled interviewer has is to put your guest at ease and let them talk and just leave them be and guide them as you need to and interject when you need to.”

“Because often the most interesting parts of conversations are the tangents, the avenues that you weren't expecting to explore, something they say and you decide to kind of explore that.” 

Allow people to tell their own stories 

“I think the most important thing in this is, in a way, to be humble,” said Troubles Podcast host Oisin Feeney. “I'm telling people's stories, but let's have people tell their own stories too. People lost their families, people lost their children, I believed that there needed to be a space for that to just be appreciated and understood.” 


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