Joe Lycett confirms cancelled series Turdcast was a stunt to promote upcoming project

The comedian is launching a new documentary on the UK sewage crisis

Joe Lycett confirmed on Saturday that his podcast Turdcast, which was “indefinitely cancelled” on Friday last week, was nothing more than a stunt to promote his new documentary raising awareness of the UK’s sewage crisis. 

The interview podcast, in which Lycett would speak to celebrity guests including Goalhanger co-founder Gary Lineker about their toilet-based experiences, was set to launch on 24 November but was cancelled following a supposed botched promotional stunt to celebrate the launch. 

The podcast was supposedly produced by My Options Were Ltd - Lycett’s own limited company - and hosted on Libsyn, where many of Lycett’s comedy peers have opted for hosting partners with larger UK ad sales footprints such as Acast or Megaphone.

As part of a fake promotional stunt to promote the fake podcast, Lycett announced a “giant, inflatable portable toilet” - dubbed the ‘Turdis’ by Lycett - at Liverpool’s Albert Dock last week. The toilet was supposedly set to be open for members of the public to use as part of the promotion, but was called off when a “mechanical fault” led to a small spillage into the waters around the dock.

In a video posted by Lycett on Twitter, the award-winning comedian confirmed that everything “went to plan” and that the ‘spilled sewage’ was actually ecologically harmless marine mud. In fact, the entire event - and the podcast - were faked in order to promote his new documentary raising awareness of the UK sewage crisis. The one-hour special programme on the impact of Britain’s water companies on its aquatic ecosystem will be coming to Channel 4 next year, Lycett said. 

Turdcast was never real,” said Lycett, “although we did record a real one with the real Gary Lineker. It would have been better to use a fake Gary Lineker, because we would have saved a lot of money on his day rate.” 

“I spilled fake sewage to get people talking about the real sewage which is being spilled every year in the billions of litres by our water companies.” 

As part of the campaign, people can visit the website to email their local water companies and ask them to sign up to ‘Joe’s Poo Promise’, which asks them to stop paying dividends and instead invest that money into improving the sewage network and reducing spills.