BBC Studios launches official Doctor Who companion podcast

Show will feature exclusive insights from returning showrunner Russel T Davies

Doctor Who is set to receive an official companion podcast produced by BBC Studios, the company has announced, to coincide with the new season of the acclaimed BBC sci-fi TV series and its 60th anniversary this year.

The Official Doctor Who Podcast will be a weekly show, with new half-hour episodes released immediately following the broadcast of the TV show, including reactions discussions and theories on upcoming story developments. The show is hosted by cosplayer and content creator Christel Dee, Tyrell Charles - who also hosts film podcast Theories By T - and author Juno Dawson.

The show will also feature exclusive insights from showrunner Russell T Davies, who returns to the helm of Doctor Who for the new season. Davies was the showrunner for the programme’s 2005 revival, which saw the popular show back on the air following a 16-year hiatus.

“No show is complete without its own podcast,” Davies said, “and this is a chance for viewers to have their say! I’m proud to have this alongside our vast and unrivalled behind-the-scenes coverage.”

As well as BBC Sounds, the show will be available across all major podcast platforms, and will be published as a video podcast on the Doctor Who YouTube channel.

“We were thrilled and honoured when Russell T Davies approached us to produce The Official Doctor Who Podcast,” said BBC Studios digital content development director Chris Allen, “and we were even more excited when Juno, Tyrell and Christel all said yes to hosting. Publishing the podcast both in audio via all major podcast platforms, and in video on YouTube means we can reach Doctor Who viewers everywhere, and we hope you join in our conversation.”

The show is produced by James Goss, who also produces BBC Studios’ spinoff audio drama Doctor Who: Redacted after replacing founding producer Ella Watts for the show’s second season.

The podcast will launch 25 November, coinciding with the release of three anniversary specials of the TV show to mark its return.