Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Best arts and culture podcast

Podcasting has opened up a huge array of new perspectives from people who may never have had a chance to share their views through more traditional media channels. This has resulted in an explosion of unique and thought-provoking art and culture podcasts, and the winners in this category are at the cutting edge of this phenomenon.

Winner: The Cinemile

Film review podcasts are nothing new, but The Cinemile podcast is elevated by the endearing chemistry of husband and wife co-hosts Dave Corkery and Cathy Cullen, as well as the show’s novel conceit. Originally started in London in 2016, the pair began recording their walks home from their local movie theatre in order to capture the familiar post-film discussions that will be familiar to any cinema fan.

In addition to their insightful discussion and commentary, recording the podcast in the field adds a pleasing element of ambience, with sounds of nature and street life. Their efforts won them Best New Podcast at the inaugural British Podcast Awards, and last year, the couple returned to their native Ireland to continue their podcasting journey.

Fans have grown to love their frank and relatable approach to film criticism, with an emphasis on the everyday cinemagoer’s experience, rather than that of journalists who are more at home in Cannes than in their local multiplex.