Wife of late comedian Bob Saget launches new podcast on how to deal with grief

Podcast will feature Kelly Rizzo in conversation with Saget’s Full House co-star John Stamos

Kelly Rizzo, presenter and wife of late comedian and Full House actor Bob Saget, has launched a new weekly podcast series, discussing how to deal with grief following Saget’s death. 

The launch of Comfort Food comes nearly two years after Saget passed away at the age of 65. Rizzo told Variety that the series is inspired by her own experience, and that food, laughter, and bonding with loved ones helped her get through it. Each episode, Rizzo speaks to a guest about grief and their hardships while eating their favourite comfort food. 

“I figured, ‘Hey, if we’re having these difficult conversations, how can I make it as approachable as possible?'” Rizzo said. “I don’t want it to be a downer. I don’t want it to be a bummer. So let’s introduce my guest’s favourite comfort food.”

Guests that Rizzo speaks to on the podcast include Saget’s Full House co-star John Stamos, journalist and presenter Katie Couric, whose husband died in 1998, The Talk co-host Amanda Kloots, whose husband died in 2020, former child actress and content creator JoJo Siwa, and some of Rizzo’s former cast members on season two of Fox reality series “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.”

All episodes of Comfort Food will be available across major podcast platforms and will drop weekly on Sundays. Rizzo has already recorded seven episodes of the podcast and plans to record another seven episodes in the future, alongside her main job as the founder and host of blog and web series Eat Travel Rock.

Comfort Food is produced by Wheelhouse DNA, which is a division of Brent Montgomery and Jimmy Kimmel’s multi-vertical media company Wheelhouse, for Acast. Rizzo acts as the executive producer alongside Wheelhouse DNA managing director Fanny Baudry, head of current programming Cassie Berman, and director of development Leah Sutherland. 

A number of people have used podcasts as a way to cope with mental health and hardships in life. This year at the British Podcast Awards, Persevering: Grief As Told By Young People won Gold for the Specialist Award. The podcast was recognised for holding a platform where young people can openly and deeply share their experiences around this topic.