Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Podcast Champion

The Podcast Champion award is presented to those individuals or teams which have genuinely helped to accelerate and uplift the entire medium of podcasting, be that through the behind-the-scenes work they've been doing in the creator community, or simply on the strength of their outstanding audio output. Selected by the Australian Podcast Awards team, podcasters are not able to submit themselves for this award - you've got to be picked from the pack.

Winner: Life Uncut

It’s been another excellent year for Life Uncut, with hosts and besties Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne continuing to bring nuanced, frank and unfiltered discussion about love, life, lust and everything in between to their fans. Over twice-weekly episodes, you can expect laughter, occasional tears and empowering conversations with inspiring interviewees.

This year, the show has focused its attention on addressing key topics for young women and the LGBTIQ+ community, exploring parts of their daily experience rarely discussed in the mainstream media. Attracting a number of renowned guests, the show has been able to provide fresh and unique perspectives to an underrepresented audience.

The popularity of Life Uncut has continued to grow, with the vibrant Facebook group now consisting of over 70,000 enthusiastic fans — many of whom will have attended or streamed the podcast’s ever-popular live shows.