Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Podcast of the Year

With such stiff competition, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd - but that's exactly what this category is all about. Recognising outstanding achievement in the world of audio, this award is bestowed on podcasts which have set themselves apart from the rest through their impeccable production and powerful storytelling, earning the title of the best of the best.

Winner: The Lawyer, the Sniper and the NSW Police

The Lawyer, the Sniper and the NSW Police doesn’t make for comfortable listening, but this eight-part interview series about problems with police corruption and power structures is both remarkably engaging and extremely important.

Lisa Nguyen and Mark Davidson thoughtfully interview each other about their respective traumatic experiences within the police force — the former’s rape by a police colleague in 2019 and the latter’s experience as lead sniper in the Lindt Cafe Siege five years earlier. Over the course of the show, the two also welcome experts in trauma, police culture and law to discuss the problems with the force and what can be done to bring about much-needed change.

With no promotion to speak of, the series has racked up an impressive 20,000 listens, suggesting word of this important podcast is getting around within police ranks that need to hear it.