Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Best indigenous podcast

As well as acknowledging the stories and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, we want to celebrate the great podcasts being made by First Nations producers and presenters. This category was open to any podcast submitting an entry into another standard category, and the nominees should form an essential playlist for all Australians. 

Winner: Black Magic Woman Podcast

Since 2020, Mundanara Bayles has been producing The Black Magic Woman Podcast to allow mainly First Nations people to share their stories with Australian listeners.

The uplifting, conversational style focuses on who the guests are, rather than what they do, with the dual aim of both educating non-indigenous Australians in the diversity of indigenous peoples and inspiring First Nations communities with insights from amazing role models. Here, Aboriginal and Torres Strait individuals are given a platform to share their rich stories, interesting experiences and unique perspectives on life.

Earlier this year, The Black Magic Woman Podcast received a significant endorsement, becoming the first Indigenous podcast to become part of the iHeartPodcast Network Australia family. This should allow the show greater reach, hopefully allowing it to reach ears across both metropolitan and regional Australia.