Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Best wellbeing podcast

For those that want to improve themselves - whether it’s physically, mentally or emotionally - the intimacy and depth of podcasts make them a good place to start. Podcasts in this category distinguish themselves by their focus on a specific aspect of wellbeing, and their commitment to helping their listeners genuinely improve themselves with practical and thorough guidance.

Winner: Sober Awkward

The journey towards sobriety can be a daunting one, but Sober Awkward has helped thousands of people get sober and stay that way. By proving that giving up booze needn’t be boring and can in fact be the best thing you ever do, this funny podcast provides invaluable support to those looking to kick drink once and for all.

Its target audience is anybody who has woken up with a hangover, vowed to quit, and subsequently found themselves trying to attract the barman’s attention with a $50 bill at Happy Hour. By sharing unfiltered drinking and sobriety stories, the show succeeds in removing the shame listeners might feel, while encouraging them to seek professional help.

To help with this journey, the podcast has founded a free cuppa community to run alongside the podcast. There are plans afoot for high-profile guests to discuss their experience with drink, with Norman Cook — aka Fat Boy Slim — starting the ball rolling with his guest appearance.