Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Best sex and relationships podcast

Dating can be a tricky thing to navigate in the 21st century, which is why sex and relationship podcasts are such a vital tool. In particular, they offer a fantastic tool for discussing issues around sexuality that affect marginalised groups, and the winners in this category should be celebrated for their inclusive and diverse approach to the topic.

Winner: The Hook Up

The world of dating and sex can be a lonely and confusing place, and The Hook Up is here to help. It’s a safe space where listeners can get their relationship questions answered and learn from others, with advice from the best experts on the scene: psychologists, sex therapists, sex workers, professors and researchers. 

The podcast isn’t afraid to tackle taboo subjects, and listeners clearly trust the show, willing as they are to share their secrets, anxieties and desires. The show has helped listeners understand why their exes are able to move on quickly, explored whether age gaps matter, looked into whether ‘friends with benefits’-style relationships can work, and even given a masterclass in pegging.

With in-school sex education only able to cover so much, and the internet proving awash with bad advice and disinformation, The Hook Up aims to provide reliable advice, and to become the gold standard of sex and relationship education in Australia.