Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Best news and current affairs podcast

In the midst of such turbulent times around the globe, keeping up with what’s going on in the world can be a daunting prospect, and millions of listeners tune into podcasts to get the information they need to keep themselves abreast of current affairs. This category is for the shows that are bringing their audiences clear and cogent insights into what’s happening at home and abroad.

Winner: You Have Been Told a Lie — Blood, Borders and Biloela

The Nadesalingam family receiving permanent visas after the Biloela community fought back against their planned deportation was a happy ending to what sounded like a grim tale. But those who followed the Nadesalingams through limited media coverage may only know half of the story. 

Featuring interviews with Priya and Nades Nadesalingam, as well as 30 others including human rights experts, academics, journalists and the campaign team, You Have Been Told a Lie takes on the big topic of Australian immigration through the lens of one family’s struggle.

This six-part podcast explores the social fabric of Sri Lanka that forced the Nadesalingams and other Tamils to flee, the geopolitical and national pressures shaping Australia’s immigration policy, the treatment of asylum seekers in the country, and more. It’s a complex topic, but the podcast successfully breaks down the policies and politics that make asylum such a contentious issue.