Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Best new podcast

With so many outstanding podcasts vying for listeners’ attention (as evidenced by the rest of this year’s winners), it takes something special to make an impact with a new show. The winner of this category has done just that, however, delivering a compelling experience that has touched audiences and earned itself a place among the greats.

Winner: Finding Ruby — The Fight of My Life

Finding Ruby is not only a superbly engrossing six-part story, it’s an important one too. Based on disturbing true events, it follows 16-year-old Ruby’s journey through the hell of an online sex trafficking den, the justice system and finally towards healing from her trauma.

Ruby’s story is not just an expertly delivered piece of audio journalism, it has made a real difference in the fight against the Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC), shining a light on a dark area of internet crime that has for too long been in the shadows thanks to its complexity and uncomfortable content. The show has made a difference in the tech sector too, where high-ranking figures are upping their efforts against the horrors of child exploitation.

No less significantly, the show has made a difference to individual survivors, not only funding Ruby’s all-expenses-paid enrollment in law school, but ensuring 20 scholarships a year are distributed to members of the Philippine Survivor Network.