Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Best history podcast

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, as the saying goes, but it's hard to forget with so many fantastic podcasts allowing listeners to deep-dive into any topic or time period they like. In particular, podcasts provide an opportunity to explore underrepresented communities and moments throughout history.

Winner: Inner West Icons

Inner West Icons is a Sydney history podcast with a difference. Rather than focusing on the harbour, Opera House and Bondi beach, the podcast hones in on the city’s inner west and the fascinating elements of history found within. 

Presented by ex-ABC TV presenter Bernie Hobbs, the show brings local history to life in a way that is anything but dry. Stories cover everything from a graffiti health campaign to the “green therapy” movement, as well as revealing the history behind the area’s familiar, spooky gothic mansions. Each episode bursts with energy and affection, but is obviously based on robust research.

With an immersive and cinematic sound design, the show has the honour of being recognised in the NSW Parliament, with Jo Hayeln MP describing it as “an interesting and accessible entry point for so many people to learn more about the area’s history.”