Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Best education podcast

For topics ranging from the complexities of astrophysics to the history of the donut, there are podcasts which can provide a comprehensive and engaging education in anything you'd care to name. To win in this category, however, a podcast must show not just an impressively detailed knowledge of its subject matter, but also the ability to bring it across in an entertaining fashion.

Winner: News Time

When it comes to news, children are often spoken about but seldom to. News Time, by ABC Kids Listen, aims to correct that with a weekly show targeted specifically at children under the age of ten, informing them of key issues affecting Australia in an age-appropriate manner.

In addition to the weekly podcast, News Time creates special episodes that tackle key issues impacting children and their families in greater depth. The show about the 2022 floods in New South Wales, for example, sought out flood-impacted children to make relatable content for younger listeners. The children involved chose to speak exclusively to News Time, on account of the show’s expertise in working with children and its dedication to child welfare.

Other shows have tackled topics like Sydney WorldPride (with input from children of ‘rainbow families’) and the ongoing cost of living crisis, where children shared their experiences and were able to ask questions fielded in an age-appropriate manner.