Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Best commercial campaign

For brands that want to take advantage of podcasting’s highly engaged audiences but aren’t quite ready to launch their own show, partnering with an established podcast can be an excellent way to get your message out to listeners. This category is for podcasts that have worked with clients to craft a compelling and effective content partnership campaign, leveraging the benefits of the audio medium.

Winner: Lady-brains and The OneTwo

The Lady-brains podcast has built up a loyal following through its enjoyable chats with the world’s most exciting founders and entrepreneurs. Its mini-series on The OneTwo — a bra-tech start up with big ambitions to solve underwear discomfort around the world — is an excellent example of a commercial campaign done well.

Recognising the sizing problems women have with bras, and aware that the industry is set to be worth $46.5 billion by 2031, Lady-brains wanted to back the fledgling business. So, in return for equity, a five-part podcast was recorded covering The OneTwo’s beginnings. The episodes covered how founders Margot and Maria met, capital raising, the challenges of manufacturing during COVID, the pre-sale campaign and finally, the launch.

Following the successful investment, Lady-brains kickstarted a women founder-investor flywheel. The more they succeed, the more they invest, creating more opportunities for women-led businesses across Australia and the world.