Australian Podcast Awards 2023: Best branded podcast

Branded podcasts offer an unparalleled way for companies to connect with their audiences, delivering sustained and engaged connection with an audience which has actively chosen to spend time within them. This category represents podcasts which go beyond merely showcasing products or services, and succeed in building genuine relationships with current and future customers.

Winner: Beauty IQ Uncensored

Adore Beauty’s podcast has captured Australians’ imaginations with a contagious blend of real talk, education and laughs from hosts Joanna and Hannah where no beauty topic is off limits. 

Since arriving on the scene in September 2019, Beauty IQ Uncensored has consistently sat in second place on the Fashion & Beauty podcast charts, with particular stand-out episodes hitting the top spot. It gets over 100,000 downloads every month — 84% of which are from Australia — with a high consumption rate of 85%.

As a popular podcast, the show has set Adore Beauty apart from its competitors, not only increasing brand awareness but helping pick up new customers too. The PWDKWN (‘Product We Didn't Know We Needed’) segment has proved especially helpful, giving listeners honest reviews and recommendations, in turn helping to drive sales and create long-term customers for the brand.