Descript launches new AI-powered scripting tools for creators

Podcasters can now turn their audio and video episodes into blog posts

Podcast and video editing platform Descript has launched a number of new AI-powered scripting tools for creators as part of a series of new AI-powered features that it plans to integrate into its platform by the end of this year. 

The new features include an AI Script Generator which the company says can write an entire episode script based on prompts that the creator inserts, an AI Script Rewriter which can put together old drafts and disconnected notes into one coherent script that retains the main message the creator is trying to convey, and a tool which turns podcast scripts into publication-ready articles and blog posts.

“Here we come again with another set of AI Actions aimed at eradicating your drudgery,” said Descript in a newsletter announcement. “This week, we’ve taken up the fight against one of the creative world’s most fearsome villains: The Blank Page. 

“With our new AI Actions you can write your script, turn your rough, rambling writings or recordings into a script, or turn your script into a blog post. That’s one click each for writing, rewriting, and repurposing.” 

Descript also said that it will be introducing more new AI Actions after the holiday season. The platform has already released a number of other tools and features for creators in October, including a new AI Speakers tool that allows users to generate and edit artificial voices based on pre-recorded samples. 

Other AI-powered features that are available for creators on the Descript platform include a Summarizer which automatically recaps what an episode was about, automatic show notes and YouTube descriptions, an AI social media post writer which works for posts across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others, an AI chapter generator which can instantly create markers for the episode, and a chatbot tool which can help creators with research and gathering ideas.

The aim of Descript’s new AI tools is to make creators’ workflows easier, with AI acting as an assistant that can help pick up menial tasks while the creative decision-making is left to the user.