Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Podcast of the Year

The best of the best, this category is chosen from all the winners of all the judge-selected categories in this year’s awards. The judges were looking for a show that represents the pinnacle of Irish podcasting, offering content that inspires, challenges and moves us in equal measure, and gives the industry a gold standard to look up to.

Winner: The Troubles Podcast

The Troubles are a complicated part of history, and it’s difficult for the uninitiated to get a non-partisan story of the period. The Troubles Podcast fills this gap brilliantly with an educational show designed to deliver a factual account of this incredibly nuanced part of Irish and Northern Irish history.

Having broken down events in an accessible and concise way, with season four, the show allows listeners to hear directly from those who lived through the period. Guests include Bertie Ahern (Taoiseach when the Good Friday Agreement was brokered), John Crawley (an American marine arrested for gun smuggling into Ireland) and Jim Auld (who was interned by the British Army).

The show’s balanced and factual assessment of the Troubles has ensured its place in the top five independent podcasts charts, reaching Irish diaspora in the US, Canada and Australia in the process.