Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Podcast Champion

Chosen by the team behind the Irish Podcast Awards, this category is awarded to a podcast or podcaster who is making a difference to the podcast medium as a whole - whether it be through breaking the mould and creating groundbreaking content, or through lifting up and empowering the wider podcast community.

Winner: Blindboy

Now in its sixth year, The Blindboy Podcast continues to show not just how vibrant the Irish podcasting scene can be, but the versatility of podcasting as a medium. The esoteric topics explored by Blindboy cover everything from literature to psychology, and ensure you never know quite what to expect when you join the hundreds of thousands of users hitting the download button when new episodes drop.

A masterful raconteur and wordsmith, Blindboy approaches podcasting as a literary medium and is a deeply passionate advocate for its value as a unique and powerful vehicle for creativity and self-expression. That comes across through his enthralling and thoughtful podcasts, but he’s also made a point of using his significant platform to champion under-represented voices and causes.

Blindboy’s work in the podcast medium is a testament to podcasting’s role as an art form, distinct and equal to film, music or writing. An inspirational and captivating creative voice for Ireland and its culture, Blindboy is the definition of a podcast champion.