Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Best true crime podcast

An ever-popular mainstay of the podcasting world, true crime is among the most competitive categories in the medium, and standing out in this field requires creativity, clarity and commitment. The winners in this category demonstrate all three, and show why, despite its prevalence within podcasting, true crime retains such enduring popularity.

Winner: Obscene: Dublin Scandal

The case of Malcolm MacArthur and the two seemingly random murders in the summer of 1982 remains one of the most chilling moments in Irish history. This seven-part BBC podcast revisits the case and the political fallout that ensued when MacArthur was found hiding in the home of the Attorney General three weeks after the murders.

Narrated by Adrian Dunbar, and with contributions from novelist Colm Toibin, The Irish Times’ Fintan O’Toole, and broadcaster Olivia O’Leary, Obscene: The Dublin Scandal guides listeners through the murders, the manhunt, the seven-minute trial and the 30-year incarceration that followed, attempting to answer some of the case’s many unanswered questions.

The podcast performed deservedly well, topping the Irish iTunes charts, as well as hitting the top 40 in the United States and becoming one of the most listened-to podcasts on BBC Sounds in the UK.

Highly commended: The Kinahans

Exploring the story of the Irish crime dynasty that spawned Daniel Kinahan (subject of this year’s Best sports podcast Shadow Boxing), The Kinahans is a gripping look at the history of one of Ireland’s most notorious and violent mob families, as well as the societal context they arose in and the impact they had on Ireland.