Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Best news & current affairs

For modern audiences, podcasts have become a go-to for up-to-date news on the issues that matter. Combining the insight needed to cut to the heart of complicated political and social topics with engaging and immersive delivery, the winners in this category are at the cutting edge of digital news reporting.

Winner: The BelTel

The BelTel Podcast accompanies the in-depth news coverage of the Belfast Telegraph with releases every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, giving listeners more in-depth storytelling on the issues that matter.

Presented by Ciarán Dunbar and with contributions from some of Northern Ireland’s top journalists, including Allison Morris, Sam McBride and Suzanne Breen, the show covers crime, societal problems, politics and international events. But it’s in its coverage of Northern Irish politics, paramilitarism and the connected gangsterism where the BelTel’s coverage is especially agenda-setting.

The podcast is not afraid to offer more colour, edginess and (when appropriate) playfulness than some of its rivals — leeway open to it thanks to the trust of the journalists involved. While these brave journalists are subject to multiple and regular death threats for their profession, the commitment to truth, fairness and accuracy shines through throughout the podcast.