Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Best new podcast

Despite the accessibility of podcasting as a medium for new creators, successfully launching a new podcast is no easy task, and this category looks for those shows that have made a splash in the last year, building from a standing start to quickly become one to watch.

Winner: Let Me Explain

Who needs hour-long podcasts when Let Me Explain shows how effective you can be in less than 15 minutes a show. Each week, host Seán Defoe does a deep dive into a single question that’s almost certainly bugging listeners and delves deep into the question, providing surprisingly comprehensive answers considering the bite-sized runtime.

Topics covered by the show range from simple questions to hypothetical deep dives. Think everything from why Joe Biden needed such seemingly excessive security on his trip to Ireland, to what would happen to the country if it were hit by nuclear weapons.

Defoe’s infectious humour, curiosity, and ability to break down complex topics in simple terms, along with Lochlainn Harte’s sound production, make for truly compelling listening. And the 15-minute runtime ensures the show never outstays its welcome, always leaving the listener wanting more.

Highly commended: UNSPOKEN

With UNSPOKEN, psychologist and wellness expert Dr Clodagh Campbell breaks down taboos with the help of honest and vulnerable testimony from her guests. The podcast’s inspiring content has been lauded for its ability to help others facing similar issues to those discussed, with one listener calling it ‘the most meaningful podcast I’ve ever listened to’.