Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Best interview podcast

One of the advantages podcasts have over traditional media formats like TV or radio is that they allow creators to take their time with conversations, getting deep into topics in a way that isn’t necessarily possible with a five or ten-minute interview slot. This category is for podcasts that use the art of conversation to its fullest effect, coaxing unheard stories or unexpected insights out of their guests.

Winner: Where Is My Mind?

Since 2019, Niall Breslin has been advocating for a better understanding of our mental health with the excellent Where Is My Mind? podcast. The show has consistently succeeded in making wellbeing information accessible and understandable through open conversations — especially important during the COVID years when so many people’s mental health suffered.

Breslin uses his MSc in Mindfulness Based Interventions to help listeners appreciate how they can look after their mental health with all the stresses of the modern world, with a little help from special guests. Over the years, the show has hosted the likes of Deepak Chopra, Moby, Jameela Jamil and Ruby Wax.

After a short break in 2022, the podcast is better than ever with its relaunch based on its three pillars: relatability, vulnerability and functionality. In short, the show aims to be instantly relatable to listeners, to encourage us to embrace our vulnerabilities and to provide tangible things to help both ourselves and others.

Highly commended: Gold Ribbon Conversations

Childhood cancer is an extremely difficult subject to deal with, which is why it’s so important that podcasts like Gold Ribbon Conversations are here to help cancer patients, survivors and their families talk about the struggles and strengths that come along with it. This deeply powerful podcast approaches these conversations in a raw and compassionate way, offering a valuable resource to those affected.