Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Best history podcast

Digging into the lessons of the past, history podcasts offer a fantastic way for listeners to gain a greater understanding of the events and influences that have shaped our modern world. Using extended interviews and careful research, these podcasts provide an exceptional insight into our shared past.

Winner: The Troubles Podcast

Aimed at people who know little about the Troubles, but don’t know where to start, The Troubles Podcast is a non-partisan historical podcast that seeks to educate its listeners about an incredibly nuanced part of Irish and Northern Irish history.

While the show has always successfully broken down events and key players in a digestible and concise manner, with the fourth season, the aim was to hear more from people who were actually living through the period. To that end, the show hosted the likes of Jim Auld (who was interned by the British Army), John Crawley (an American marine arrested for attempting to smuggle guns into Ireland) and Bertie Ahern (Taoiseach at the time of the Good Friday Agreement).

The show’s popularity has seen it sit comfortably in the top five independent podcasts charts, reaching not just Irish and Northern Irish listeners, but Irish diaspora in the US, Canada and Australia. 

Highly commended: As I Remember It: Bertie Ahern & The Good Friday Agreement

This podcast is essential listening for those who want to gain a fuller appreciation for the Good Friday Agreement’s significance and the road to get to it. As I Remember It: Bertie Ahern & The Good Friday Agreement sees the then-Taoiseach talking with major figures from the Agreement’s history, including Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and the negotiators on both sides.